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Attention : You Don’t Need To Be A Social Marketer To Make business From Memester

While Memester is going to help you achieve much more success in Social media marketing then you’ve ever got so far, it’s not strictly necessary to be a social media marketer to make business from Memester.

The business world does not run on one single business model. The more niches you target, the more business you make. So here’s a new niche for you to make business from even as you build your business from social media marketing.

You know local businesses are looking more and more online to find their leads and customers. They don’t have any option. Even hyperlocal businesses like Walmart are now forced to go online and compete.

The big problem : They don’t have a clue about how online marketing works.

While they understand walk-in customers and face-to-face sales, they have no idea about what makes social media tick.

they are ready to hire online marketers and find a solution to their huge Internet marketing problem.

That’s where you come in.

Help Local Businesses Build A Social Presence With Video Memes

The owners in your downtown stores already know what memes are. They have laughed at a ton of them and shared a few themselves. They instinctively know how powerful memes can be. The trouble is, they don’t know how to use them.

If you reached out to them today, and told them about how you can help them rapidly grow their online presence, give them real content that their audience would love to look at and share, and create a real strategy to recruit customers for them, do you have any doubt they wouldn’t sign up in the first 10 minutes?

The fact is – they are already struggling to build an online presence. Many of them even have Facebook pages, YouTube channels and websites, but they don’t have any plan for growth.

When you bring them this plan, you’ll be a godsend boon for them and they would be eager to take you on board.

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Your local digital marketing agency which is catering to these businesses does nothing more than set up the profiles and pages for the business, and half-heartedly post some stale content that nobody even wants to look at.

You can create a fresh difference.

You can easily find meme videos that connect with the local business type no matter what business it is. Pet store, beauty shop, clothing store, handy-men, there are a ton of interesting videos out there that you can memefy and publish.

Provide this as a service, publish 1—2 videos a week for every customer and you will have a business with an ever growing customer base and recurring billing.

How much will these businesses be ready to pay for an audience and leads boost?

It should be a good amount per month isn't it?

Even if you take the baseline price, with just 10 customers you will have a good sum of recurring additional revenue a month.

How much would you need to work for it? Not more than half an hour each day, creating and publishing video memes. All it takes to make one meme is 4 minutes using Memester.

Capture This Local Marketing Opportunity Or Someone Else Will

There are literally thousands of local businesses in your city who can be your prospective customers. Load up your local business directory and make a few calls. Get started today!

If you don’t get started someone else will and you’ll be the guy who lost the chance to grow your revenues.

If you’re a local marketer already, it’s even more important for you to add this service to your portfolio.


You can charge your customers more and sell this as an upsell to your standard social media marketing services.


You can add this as a USP and steal business from other social media marketing providers who’re not smart like you.


You can rejuvenate dying and old clients by adding video-memes to your client’s pages and giving them a big traffic boost.

Your customers are going to love it, so don’t make the mistake of letting this opportunity pass you bye.

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