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  • What's better than video on social media?
  • New software 4xs Viral traffic
  • Fire your social media team, get this
  • Need more profits from Facebook?

Video is the most powerful content type
on Facebook and even on Twitter. YouTube
of course is about nothing but video.

Here's a fact, the content type consumed
most online today is Video. Nothing even
comes close in scale or popularity.

But do you know what's even better than
video to get traffic on Social Media?

It's Video Memes

See here


You've seen the video memes already, those
powerful compelling videos with a title at
the top and at the bottom that just 
hypnotize you into clicking that play 
button and watching.

Video Memes work like magic and all you
need to do to turn a boring video into a
meme is put a catchline on it.

Get a traffic boost... Just like that!

If you did that manually though it'd
mean learning a full featured video 
editing software, and entering an
unending cycle of drudgery.

There's no reason why you'll do this
when there's a better, faster way.

It's a new software Memester that
will automate everything

- Find videos online to make memes out
of from YouTube
- Turn any video (including your own) 
into a meme by putting up the titles on 
- Customize everything, including font,
style and colors
- Put your own custom overlays and 
graphics on the video
- Syndicate your video in native format
to Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

Yes, Memester automates all of it and
makes it simple.

Results : You get more traffic, more
customers, more attention and social
media profiles that grow faster.

It's launching on 22nd December
at 11 AM EDT. For the first few hours
there will be a special early bird on
it, so be there early to take advantage
of the special pricing.

Here's the link again, this page will
tell you the rest and you will know 
how absolutely profitable this software
can be.


Let me know what you think

See you!


Video Angle


  • You can 4x video marketing today
  • Stop video marketing without this
  • Supercharge your videos
  • Neat trick make videos go 4x

How do you like to get nearly 4 times
the views you get today with a very
small change that you can do in less 
than 2 minutes per video?

Too good to say no to, right?

It's simple. Just memefy your videos.
Turn it into a video meme!

Use this software so you won't have
to learn to do it manually


This simple app turns any video into
a video meme, and thne when you put 
it out in social media it'll just 

They have done a case study on it, 
go have a look.


It even finds videos to memefy if
you don't have videos of your own


It will post the videos you create
in native format to Facebook, 
YouTube and Twitter.

Finding, Creating, Posting... It
automates everything.

The best investment you've made
all the year in a video software.



Look at the demo and you'll know.



Traffic Angle


  • New software gets you massive traffic
  • Case Study : How we generated traffic out of nothing
  • Got no traffic from social media? Check this out
  • Breakthrough app gets traffic on auto from social media
  • This is what people come to Facebook for

If you've got no traffic, you've got no business. 

Not even the best funnel in the world, and the
best product in the world can turn a single cent
in profit if there's not traffic driven at it.

The trouble is, traffic is now just so epxpoensive.

Whether it's Facebook or Google, or YouTube, they 
are all super expensive and super hard platforms to

But you can generate traffic free in any niche


This is Memester, a new desktop app that creates
video memes on auto. Video memes are the most 
watched content online right now, and with this
app you'll be posting videos that everyone clicks

- Find videos in any niche to turn into memes
from YouTube, or use your own.
- Customize colors, font and style
- Put overlays and use Emojis to conduct Facebook
- Create Meme GIFs that you can ditstribute quickly.
- Schedule and post to your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
- See analytics that tell you how your content is doing
to plan your marketing.

It does everything right inside the app and in a matter
of minutes.

Just have a look at the demo and the case study they 
have on that page and you'll know how much it will
boost your traffic.


Let me know what you think.



Buyer Angle


  • Here's how to find new buyers
  • Want Buyer Traffic? Check this out
  • This is how top marketers sell on Facebook
  • New buyers without new expense
  • This is what people come to Facebook for

Everyone wants more buyers, but what good is
a sale if you spend more money acquiring it
then you make on it?

That's why you always need to push sales 
via multiple methods. All of them working
together to maximise your profits.

Here's a new way to recruit buyers off 
social media


This is Memester, an all new software that
generates video memes on the fly.

You can feed it your own video, or find 
videos from YouTube and it will turn it 
into a video meme.

Just to make the point clear... Video memes
generate a lot more traffic on social media
in comparison to regular videos.

It posts on Facebook, YouTube and also on

See the case study on the link above.

This software can give you an all new source
to find new buyers without spending a single
cent more than your existing expense.

More profits are always good right?

Let me know what you think about this product.



Memester Teaser Video

Facebook Ad Templates

Here are some Facebook ad designs and copy for you in case you want to run Facebook ads for Memester. This will work best if you have been grabbing people from your websites using a Facebook pixel. The second alternative is to upload your email list to Facebook and build a custom audience.

Facebook Ad No - #1

4x Your Traffic with video Memes

Get 4 times the amount of traffic from the same videos by memefying them.

Video memes are the most popular content on Facebook and YouTube. Now you can create and post video memes on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube on the auto and unlock huge traffic growth.

Facebook Ad No - #2

Find, Create & Share Video Memes on Autopilot

Want more engagement and growth on your social media profiles? Post video memes

Video Memes are ultra powerful because they make a visitor pause and hit the play button. Create video memes on autopilot with Memester and turn your social media business around.

Facebook Ad No - #3

Case Study : Same videos gets more traffic!

We ran a video normally, and other after making one small change to it.

We did something to a video that got us many times the engagement we'd get if we hadn't done it. It took us 1 min 40 seconds. Do you wanna see what we did? Cllick here